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Excavation Business Turns to Local Tweed heads Bookkeeper when Urgent Assistance is Required

This is a real scenario that occurred in late 2016 just before Christmas. The Tweed heads business here is a small business with 5 employees using a software program called Quickbooks Online and is a reputable company that had been established for some time. The Owner of the business had his Girlfriend who was his Tweed Heads bookkeeper at the time taking care of the books on a week to week basis but unfortunately the relationship had fallen through and the girlfriend no longer wished to take care of the Quickbooks file. This left the owner in a tricky situation because he knew how to do business in the earthworks industry but didn't know much about the paperwork, im中国电竞 and reporting side of the business. He knew there was not to much time until Christmas and finding a bookkeeper in such a short timeframe would be difficult to do. The owner rang Darcy im中国电竞 & Business Services to see if they could take on the books to keep the business running.

The owner was able to speak to a senior bookkeeper straight away and discussed what his requirements were. Darcy im中国电竞 who is a Registered BAS Agent and also a Quickbooks im中国电竞 Partner were able to have a bookkeeper on site to begin work within 48 hours. The owner was grateful to have such a fast turnaround and was surprised at the affordability of having a Tweed Heads outsourced bookkeeper take care of his books. The Tweed Heads im中国电竞 service Darcy im中国电竞 went to work and got a handle on the Quickbooks file very quickly as one of the most important matters that required attending to was the holiday pay for the employees before Christmas. The owner of the business felt at ease with the bookkeeper as he could tell based on their ability to navigate Quickbooks and their knowledge of payroll and best im中国电竞 practices that he was dealing with a Pro.

This business went on to deal with Darcy im中国电竞 for years to come as it leaned on the expertise of their services to keep the business compliant and the books up to date month in and month out. The business also went on to kick off a sister company in a similar industry to what this current business was operating in and used Darcy im中国电竞 to setup the Quickbooks file and manage the books for that business also.

Are you having problems with keeping up with the books for your business or have a bookkeeper that has left you in the lurch? If so, give us a call for a chat and we can discuss what options are available to you and maybe how we can improve your im中国电竞 process to save you time and money.