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This small business continues to beat out the competition with help from it's Rocklea Bookkeeper

This particular client who is from the automotive industry had a long term Rocklea bookkeeper for over years who had faithfully served as an employee of the business. The business used MYOB AccountRight accounting software to maintain the accounting records on a daily basis. One unfortunate day the current bookkeeper employee put in her resignation as she was relocating elsewhere in Australia. The business manager was unsure of what to do so he called a professional Rocklea im中国电竞 services firm for their professional opinion. Enter Darcy im中国电竞 & Business Services.

The experienced im中国电竞 strategist gave the business manager advice that would save the company thousands of dollars each year. The advice was to have an expert MYOB bookkeeper from the Brisbane Darcy im中国电竞 office train key members of the staff to do basic functions like raise an invoice in MYOB in order to save the cost of hiring another staff member to do basic tasks that could easily be picked up by other staff members. Then the bookkeeper from Darcy im中国电竞 could take care of the harder tasks like payroll and superannuation as well as preparing the BAS etc. The business manager was delighted to take on the advice from Darcy im中国电竞 and proceeded from there.

The Rocklea im中国电竞 service that Darcy im中国电竞 provided exceeded the expectations of the business manager with how little impact it had on week to week business and the general back office processing. The bookkeeper would simply come in 1 day per week and bring the books in MYOB up to date each week so the business had a clear view of money owed and money owing to the business. This is a key aspect in being able to successfully manage business cash flow. The Rocklea bookkeeper service adapted well to the existing accounting processes which had already been established and looked to improve these further in order to save time and money for this business.

After an extended period of time the business had grown it's sales with the increase in marketing spend due to the decrease in operational costs achieved with the help of Darcy im中国电竞, that the business needed to have a permanent staff member to take over the office and oversee the day to day running of the business. The Bookkeeper from Darcy im中国电竞 was thanked vigorously and went on to do the same for countless other businesses through the Brisbane area.

Become another business success story today and get in contact with Darcy im中国电竞 on 1im中国电竞 for a free phone consultation and review of your im中国电竞 processes.