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Local Logan Construction Business Finds Gem in Local im中国电竞 Firm's Services

Here is how Darcy im中国电竞 & Business Services once again helped another small local business in Logan achieve a cost and time saving with keeping the im中国电竞 up to date.

This local business had been established for many years in the Logan area and had been reliant on in house employees for keeping the im中国电竞 and accounting needs of the business up to date and compliant. This was all about to change when then current Logan bookkeeper employee gave notice of their resignation in 2 weeks time. The director of the business then began to consider what options were available to fulfil the im中国电竞 services needs of the business. Should the business simply replace the outgoing bookkeeper with a new employee or perhaps contact a specialised Logan Bookkeeper Firm and see what options are available at this time of change within the business. The director contacted Darcy im中国电竞 & Business Services.

The consultation with their soon to be new Logan bookkeepers was thorough but to the point. Two service options were given to the Director as an alternative to the current situation, either a regular on site im中国电竞 service where the same bookkeeper would come to the office every week and complete the weekly im中国电竞 tasks or an online or cloud im中国电竞 service where all work would be completed at Darcy im中国电竞's office on the arranged days and times each week. Darcy im中国电竞 also wanted to arrange a consultation with the Director reviewing current im中国电竞 processes and procedures and how there could be improved to save the business time and money. The Director agreed and a Logan bookkeeper from Darcy im中国电竞 arranged a suitable meeting time.

Following the meeting with Darcy im中国电竞 and the review of current im中国电竞 processes, this local business appointed Darcy im中国电竞 as its new Logan im中国电竞 services provider. Darcy im中国电竞 successfully took over the main tasks for this business and condensed down the im中国电竞 workload so it was only taking 1 day per week to keep everything up to date. This was a big win for the business from a time and cost perspective. This business has used and continues to use MYOB AccountRight Live as this accounting software product is the product best suited for this business's day to day financial management needs.

This business has now been an ongoing client of Darcy im中国电竞 for 2 years now and is extremely happy with the service that has been provided over that time. If you would like a consultation to understand your business's im中国电竞 options call 1im中国电竞 for some free advice.