3 Ways 1Password Improved my Life

And Why You Should Start Using it Today

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Investing is the sexy side of personal finance. Whether it’s bitcoin’s recent move, the latest on Amazon stock, or updates on China’s economy, investments usually get most of the newstime and thus most of our attention. Meanwhile, our online security and identity are often taken for granted.

But with online hacks becoming as common as hollywood sex scandals, I figured it was finally time to do something about my own online security. So I signed up for 1Password, and it has literally changed my life.

My hope in writing this article is to show people just how easy it is radically improve your online security, save time, and get organized using a password manager like 1Password. We’ll walk through how 1Password works and the top 3 reasons to use it. Let’s get to it.

What is 1Password?

1Password is an “online password manager.” It uses state-of-the-art technology to securely store all of your sensitive information. Basically, it combines the protection of a safe deposit box with the accessibility of the cloud. Once you set everything up, it looks like this.

1Password Demo Screen

1Password works on your computer and your phone, and costs only $2.99 per month. Believe me when I say, that is one of the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent. There are other competitors to 1Password as well, which I’m sure do a fine job. Which one you choose is up to you.

Now time to discuss the top 3 reasons I love 1Password.

1. 1Password Strengthens My Security

The 1st, and most obvious way 1Password improved my life is by strengthening my security, which it does in multiple ways.

It helps me use much stronger passwords using its Password Generator feature, which creates random passwords. It allows you to choose the overall length of the password, how many numbers it contains, and how many symbols it has. It looks like this.

1Password Password Generator

But once you create such a random password, how are you supposed to remember it? You don’t. Since 1Password stores all of them for you, you no longer have to memorize them. That means you are free to make as complicated a password as you like, and can have a unique password for each account. No more recycling passwords across multiple accounts, or jotting them down on sticky notes, neither of which is secure.

You can even do this for security questions, which are also often recycled across accounts. Many times security answers such as your high school mascot are not very difficult for smart hackers to obtain through social engineering. The Words feature of the Password Generator allows you to create strings of random words that you can use as answers to security questions.

1Password Random Word Generator

2. 1Password Saves Me Time

The 2nd way 1Password improved my life is by saving me time.

With so many different online accounts and passwords, I was constantly forgetting them. That meant I wasted hours of my life either retrieving or resetting my passwords, answering security questions, and waiting on hold for customer support to assist me.

Now, I never have to worry about forgetting a password again. As long as I remember the password to my 1Password account, I can access all of my other passwords at the click of a mouse. Now you know where the name “1Password” comes from.

1Password works directly with your internet browser and even has handy keyboard shortcuts. For example, just type “Command – backslash” (⌘-\) to have 1Password automatically fill in your username and password on any website you have stored in your 1Password account. This saves time and prevents annoying typos.

1Password Browser Extension

3. 1Password Keeps Me Organized

The 3rd major way 1Password improved my life is by keeping me organized. Extremely organized.

In addition to usernames and passwords, 1Password lets you safely store documents. Birth certificates, passports, tax returns, you name it you can upload it. Consider it your new virtual filing system.

This is handy for you, but also for your family. If my wife needs access to my bank account or insurance policies, she knows exactly where to find them. It’s also critical for estate planning. Having all your important documents and login information organized will save your loved ones a lot of time and stress when you pass away.

Wrapping It All Up

After having 1Password, I can’t imagine life without it. I am so much more secure, efficient and organized than I was before. Updating all my passwords and security questions made me realize just how vulnerable I used to be.

Getting a password manager is a quick and affordable way to improve your financial security, which is the bedrock of your personal finances. I highly encourage everyone to make the switch.